Thursday, July 30, 2009

What vision can I expect after surgery?

I'm schedule to have surgery 8/10 and have gotten the support system to make the 1 week initial recovery time go by much easier. What should I expect after the surgery is over? I presently have a slight central vision blind spot and remaining vision is very blurry. Anonymous

Dear Anonymous:
Visual outcome after macular hole repair is difficult to predict. Generally your surgeon would not offer the surgery if he/she did not think there could be visual improvemnet. Macular hole repair will only affect the central vision; if your peripheral vision is blurry due to another disease process it is unlikely to get better. For those that get the "pinched together in the middle" effect on the Amsler Grid, it is hoped the distortion will be significantly decreased. Those with a full thickness hole causing a central scotoma or blind spot can hope for central vision to return, ideally to a well functioning level. So many factors determine what any individual outcome will be - your surgeon should be able to provide you with his best estimate.

And don't forget, your vision will be WORSE immediately after the surgery due to the bubble. You will start to note improvement aas the bubble reabsorbs.

Toni Kelly
Kelly Comfort Solutions


  1. I was told today that I had a macular hole in my right eye. I will be 60 in September. I still had 20/20 (long distance) as late as December 2009. My right eye is fine. Question to you guys that have had the surgery. Would you do it again or just wait and see?

    Thank you.

  2. I just had macular hole surgery 10 days ago. Even though I think the recovery is miserable I would do it again if there's a chance to improve your eyesight. My dr. told me waiting longer than 6 months decreases the success rate.

  3. It is day 10 after my macular hold surgery. My vision is really bad and I find it difficult to function well. My dr. says this is normal and over the next month it will gradually improve. When did those of you who have had this start to see improvement. I know it improves as the bubble gets smaller but when can I hope to expect that. I am getting very discouraged and frustrated!

    1. Three weeks after surgery, bubble half way down, vision very distorted over the bubble I am wearing eye patch to block the distortion I go back to dr on Feb. 10th, not very happy if this not improve, vision was not bad before operation...anybody have this and did it improve..